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    Wewahitchka Search and Rescue is a non-profit organization of skilled volunteers located in Wewahitchka, Florida. We specialize in dark water recovery of drowning victims and missing people whether lost or abducted.

  Wewahitchka Search and Rescue was organized in 1996 after a local young man Ivy Crutchfield drowned in the river and his body was never recovered. The impact this had on the family and community, of not being able to put a closure of this tragedy, is the reason Wewahitchka Search and Rescue exist today.  "We don't want another family to have to go through an ordeal like this again if it can be helped."  Our motto is "Everyone leaves at the same time."

    Since that time we have expanded into different areas to offer our services to local authorities and to state officials. Wewahitchka Search and Rescue also serves as a search team for the 14th Judicial Circuit CART (Child Abduction Response Team). Gulf County's Sheriff Joe Nugent is the search coordinator for the entire district and we are the lead non-profit agency under Sheriff Nugent for that purpose. 

    In addition to search and rescue we sponsor Gulf County Commodity Program. This program serves over 500 families throughout Gulf County. The Commodity Program was the very 1st in Florida to have the convenience of a drive thru for which the commodities are picked up. Several surrounding counties have incorporated this method into their services. Along with the Commodity Program, Wewahitchka Search and Rescue helps support our very own "Flora's Kids". "Flora's Kids" is just that, for kids only. These kids are from families that need your help. This program buys shoes, clothing and 1 toy for the little one's of Gulf County.

    Wewahitchka Search and Rescue responds to calls in and out of the state of Florida for assistance. Only activated by the Gulf County Sheriff's Department or FWC (Fish and Wildlife Commission). We assist the State of Florida and surrounding states with volunteers and our K-9 unit. Our K-9 unit has been taken to surrounding states for local law enforcements agency's on cold cases. However we also work a lot of cases of lost hunters. The most we have had in 1 year’s time was 38. With an average of 3 calls a month for boaters that have not returned, with the majority of the cases being mechanical problems.   

    Our rescues have been successful on every call. For instance, an individual was reported missing at 10 p.m. by the local authorities. The rescue was made around 11 a.m. the next day. The individuals had gotten their boat hung up in fallen trees and could not get out. This was a good day for our team and the victim. 

    Wewahitchka Search and Rescue is funded to assist the Gulf County Sheriff Office, Gulf County Commissioners, the Gulf County Operations Center and FWC. 

     We dedicate our time and our resources assisting our community by supporting local and regional professionals in emergency response to locate and rescue missing people.



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