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If You Are Lost


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When you are lost


If you're not sure where you are, stay put! This is the most important survival tip. If you are moving you will be harder to find.

The 5 Steps to Survival

  1. First Aid. If you are hurt sit down and do what you can to administer first aid.
  2. Fire. Start a fire. It is the basic element for survival. It provides warmth, can be used for cooking, and signaling.
  3. Signals. Your fire will serve as a signal but it is only good if someone is nearby. In past times another signal that was used was to make large letters on the ground (SOS or HELP). Making the letters as big as possible and make sure they contrast with the ground color. However there is a new Universal sign being used world wide. "Three" this can be three bangs of a log off a tree, three whistle blasts or three gunshots. Rescuers and fellow hikers/hunters should recognize this sign and respond with "two" of any noise this signifies they are coming to help.
  4. Food and water. Finding a source of water is more important than food. Most people can last a few weeks without food. You'll only last a few days without water. Do not eat anything unless you are 100% sure of what it is.
  5. Shelter. A good shelter will have a good supply of firewood and building materials nearby. Also it should be near a water supply and next to an open area if possible. A campsite deep in the woods is very hard to detect from the air.